Weekend mailbag: Giants cap issues

Least I can do is read some mail. My letter carrier worked so hard to lug all of those envelopes around in this heat.

Matthew from Summit, N.J., (woo-hoo!) read John Clayton's piece on potential salary cap casualties, noticed the Giants' Shawn Andrews was on there and wondered who else from the Giants might be on the list.

Dan Graziano: I wouldn't feel super-comfy if I were Rocky Bernard, even if Barry Cofield does leave via free agency. The Giants have picked defensive tackles in the second round each of the past two years and are clearly looking toward the future at that position. Brandon Jacobs could be cut if he doesn't agree to re-work his contract, but I think he probably will. I'm interested to see what happens with Shaun O'Hara, who's in the final year of his deal and missed 10 games in 2010. They got by without him, and they could face a tough decision there. What will help is the new CBA provision that gives teams extra money to help them retain veterans. According to the terms the league sent out Thursday night, "All teams will have approximately $3.5 million in what would otherwise be performance-based pay available to fund veteran player salaries," and "Each club may 'borrow' up to $3 million in cap room from a future year, which may be used to support veteran player costs." So the cuts might not be as severe as they have been in some years past.

rd from Idaho was kind enough to take time out of his day to pen this missive: "your gonna look like an idiot when Nnamdi lands elsewhere."

DG: If you say so, Grammar Guy. Hopefully YOU'RE around to remind me.

markus from Washington, D.C., thinks it's "ridiculous" for the Redskins to go with John Beck at quarterback, would rather see Rex Grossman as the starter and believes the Skins should think about signing Vince Young after the Titans release him. Then he asks what I think.

DG: A few people have asked about Young in Washington. I don't see it. Based on the way it bottomed out for him in Tennessee, I don't think Young's next NFL job is as a starter. I think he needs to be out of the spotlight for a while and get some coaching in a backup role. It's why I like Philadelphia for him. I could be wrong, and Mike Shanahan could be looking at Young's talent and record as a starter and thinking he can get the most out of him. But for me, that would qualify as a big surprise move.

Jake from Oceanside, Calif., asks if a trade of Kevin Kolb to Arizona could result in the Eagles getting Karlos Dansby.

DG: Only if it were a three-way deal involving the Dolphins, since that's the team for which Dansby currently plays.

Jarrett from Dallas (who's an Eagles fan) wonders if acquiring Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for Kevin Kolb would take the Eagles out of the Nnamdi Asomugha sweepstakes, or if they'd play Rodgers-Cromartie in the nickel: "Having DRC, Nnamdi, and Asante Samuel would arguably give the Eagles the best secondary in the league, and those three would take major loads off of the young safeties' backs."

DG: Very interesting point, Jarrett. I hadn't thought of that. I guess I'd been assuming that, if they got a starting corner for Kolb, they'd be out on Nnamdi. But you make some sense. The vibe coming out of Philly is that the defense will be more front-four focused in 2011, and that that's one of the reasons they're going young at safety. But we really don't know what Andy Reid has planned, and he has surprised us in the past.

And finally, Travis from Scottsdale is hoping the new cap-exception rules might help keep Marion Barber in Dallas. Travis thinks Barber was slowed more than most people realize by his quad injury and needs a healthy year to remind people how good he is. And he says if they do cut Barber, they'd better make sure the backs who remain can pass protect because -- and I'm quoting Travis here -- "No back in the NFL lays the smack down on a blitzing LB like Marion Barber! Period."

DG: Travis, I agree that Barber was a beast when he was healthy and that it'd be foolish to assume he has nothing left to contribute. But I do believe the Cowboys are ready to move on and go with a rotation of Felix Jones, Tashard Choice and rookie DeMarco Murray. Just because the new rules will help teams keep veterans more easily than they could in the past doesn't mean they have to keep guys they don't want anymore. I'm interested, as I'm sure you are, to see what kind of role Barber fills on his next team, whoever that is.

Stay thirsty, my friends.