While we wait: More fun with Favre

All right, look. I don't think Brett Favre is going to come back and be Michael Vick's backup quarterback with the Eagles in 2011. I don't think the idea of Favre as a backup for anyone makes any sense at all. But Favre and sense have never found themselves on the same offseason Mississippi front porch swing, so I can't be sure I'm right. We haven't even heard from Favre yet, and even if we do, we can't believe a word he says on this stuff. So speculation will swirl, and while we wait for final word on the start of free agency, we're allowed to have fun with it.

Which brings me to this post by NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert, who shares with us two somewhat depressing photos intended to show the reasons why Favre might or might not consider a return to the NFL with the Eagles or any other team. Enjoy them. And don't worry that Favre's about to take over another offseason.