Could Cowboys lose Sensabaugh?

I did a post this morning on this Insider piece about what the teams should do first once free agency starts, and I kind of skipped over the part that said the Houston Texans should sign Cowboys safety Gerald Sensabaugh. Paul Kuharsky didn't miss it, though, because he's sharp and well-rested from his vacation (and because he's looking out for Texans stuff), and he thinks it'd be a fine move for Houston as long as it comes in tandem with the signing of a top cornerback.

Houston's new defensive coordinator, Wade Phillips, obviously knows Sensabaugh from his time as the Cowboys' head coach, which ended just last autumn. And Sensabaugh has been making noise about wanting to test the market. I think the Cowboys and their fans have probably been assuming that he won't command enough on the open market to make it tough for the Cowboys to keep him. But with their cap concerns and this new rule requiring teams to spend a certain percentage of the cap, it's hard to know what the competition will be like.

And I know, a lot of you are going to say Sensabaugh would be no great loss. Heck, the way the Dallas defense played last year I can see why people would want to make as many changes as possible. But if you just play the numbers game here, losing Sensabaugh would impact the Cowboys' offseason plans. They need to get a starting safety even if he stays. If he leaves, they're going to need to find two. And they have other work to do, so this likely isn't something on which they're interested in spending a whole lot of time.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the other NFC East-related moves in that Insider column I didn't mention this morning were as follows:

Indianapolis Colts: "Sign S Quintin Mikell."

Miami Dolphins: "Trade for QB Donovan McNabb or Kyle Orton."

Minnesota Vikings: "Trade for a veteran QB," with McNabb listed among the options.

So you should be up to date for now.