We have not yet begun to chat

If you thought our weekly chats were epic during the lockout ... well, you were right, of course. But the lockout's over now, and I think that means we are on the verge of truly unlocking and learning the awesome power of the NFC East chat. I believe the chats, post-lockout, will be beyond anything we've yet imagined. I don't see one good reason any of you shouldn't completely ignore all of your work and/or school responsibilities between noon and 1 p.m. ET today and join in the latest version. I'll be absolutely astounded if it's not life-changing enough to justify that decision.

Sorry. Having just read that paragraph over, it seems I may be guilty of engaging in over-the-top post-lockout NFL hype. Felt kind of good, to be honest with you. I can see why so many do it.

Anyway, we really are chatting at noon and I'd love to have you there. Thanks.