How Kyle Orton impacts Kevin Kolb

New this morning from Mike Klis of the Denver Post, who reports that the Broncos are putting Kyle Orton on the trade market. Now, you're wondering why I care, and why you, as a reader of the NFC East blog, should care. Are the Redskins going to go after Orton? Likely not. We've already established that the Redskins' 2011 quarterback plan is to see what John Beck's got while conserving resources in case he's a bust and they need to maneuver to draft their franchise quarterback in April.

No, the way the Orton news impacts the NFC East is in relation to the Eagles' efforts to trade Kevin Kolb. We are minutes away from the opening of the trade season, and everybody expects the Eagles to send Kolb to the Arizona Cardinals. But as we've also discussed many times, the Eagles will (and should) only move Kolb if they're getting very good value for him. The Cardinals, of course, will want to get him as cheaply as possible. And if they can convince the Eagles (whether it's true or not) that Orton is on their radar as another viable option, it will help Arizona's leverage in negotiations.

Oddly, I feel like Orton should be an option for Arizona, maybe even before Kolb is. He's had more NFL success than Kolb has, and if the Cardinals feel they're a quarterback away from winning their division in 2011, he's the better answer. But if Arizona's going to give up a first-round draft pick, or Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, as part of a package for their starting quarterback, they want someone they think can be their present and their future at the position. And indications are that they think Kolb can be that.

The Eagles, meanwhile, will try and leverage the Cardinals by drumming up the idea that the Seattle Seahawks are interested in Kolb and could snatch him away from Arizona the way they did with Charlie Whitehurst when both were pursuing him last year. As long as Orton is available and Seattle needs a quarterback, each side in the Philadelphia-Arizona talks maintains its leverage. If the Broncos trade Orton to Seattle this morning, the Eagles and Cardinals could be stuck with each other.

And, of course, this could all be outdated real soon, if the Kolb deal goes down at 10:01 a.m. ET as it could. But if that happens, at least you got this 10 minutes or so of incredibly insightful analysis. Yeah, don't all rush to thank me.