Mike Vick hints at DeSean Jackson holdout

Michael Vick addressed the media upon his arrival at Eagles training camp Tuesday morning, and the thing he said that's getting the most attention isn't about him. Vick was asked about wide receiver DeSean Jackson, and he told reporters at Lehigh that he didn't know whether Jackson would be reporting on time.

"DeSean just has to think about it and has some decisions to make that only himself can make," Vick said, according to Ashley Fox.

It could continue to be an issue all year for the Eagles, who are now-focused while Jackson is future-focused. It is, of course, Jackson's contract, which is up at the end of the 2011 season and which he would apparently like extended before rather than after the season.

Now don't get too worried, Eagles fans. This doesn't have to be an issue. This is only speculation from Vick, who has obviously talked to Jackson, about what Jackson might do. Jackson could show up Wednesday and say there's no problem. The Eagles could give him the extension and eliminate it from their list of 2011 concerns. But it could be an issue, and the Eagles have been aware of that for some time. They drafted Jeremy Maclin in the first round in 2009, in part because they believed he could develop into a No. 1 receiver if they were unable or unwilling to keep Jackson long term, and there have been whispers around the team for the past couple of years that the looming Jackson contract situation could get complicated.

If Jackson does decide to hold out, it'll be interesting to see whether the Eagles dip into this year's very good free-agent receiver market -- either to gain leverage on him or put themselves in position to replace him if he decides to hit the market a year from now. Either way, Vick just hinted at an issue that could be a major one for the Eagles as they balance future concerns with their efforts to win this year's Super Bowl.