Vikings interested in Donovan McNabb

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that the Vikings "are one of a few teams" that have talked to the Redskins about acquiring quarterback Donovan McNabb, but that Minnesota would have to be able to restructure McNabb's contract before acquiring him.

It would be a coup for Washington if they could get anything of value for McNabb, considering the public nature of his falling out with that organization before the end of his first and only year there. But quarterbacks are scarce, and it sounds as if the Vikings are interested in bringing in McNabb to tutor and/or back up first-round pick Christian Ponder, or to start until Ponder is ready.

I wonder if McNabb will be interested enough in playing Kurt Warner to Ponder's Eli Manning that he'd re-work his deal in order to get a trade done. I'm sure he wants out of Washington, considering how badly things went for him there. But remember, when the Eagles traded McNabb in the 2010 offseason, they consulted him on where he wanted to go, and Washington was his pick. If he doesn't want to live in Minneapolis in the winter, or if he doesn't want to risk losing a starting job to a rookie by midseason, he could make it tough for the Vikings to acquire him. Especially if he knows other teams (Miami still makes a lot of sense, to me) are interested.