Breakfast links: Burress back in N.Y.

Tuesday was a crazy day and Wednesday should be, too. Gonna be like this for a while, I believe. Fun ride with many twists and turns still ahead. Plenty more today, no doubt including another couple of hits on "First Take" to talk free agency league-wide. But there's always time for the links.

Dallas Cowboys

Todd Archer thinks the cuts the Cowboys made Tuesday show that Jason Garrett has more power in the organization and more pull with owner Jerry Jones than his predecessor, Wade Phillips, ever had. The Roy Williams cut, in particular, was an admit-you-were-wrong-and-move-on decision -- the kind you don't often expect from someone of Jones' wealth and ego. I can only assume that, if Garrett is really calling the shots here to some extent, that's a good thing for Dallas.

No hard feelings, by the way, from Williams, who learned Tuesday he'd be cut and then told Clarence Hill "I would have done the same thing." Roy didn't play well in Dallas, but he sure earned a reputation for carrying himself with class.

New York Giants

Mike Garafolo spoke to Plaxico Burress, who is going to meet face to face with Giants officials today as they work on a possible reunion. Burress is understandably interested (as I'm sure we all are) to see what his meeting will be like with Tom Coughlin, about whom Burress made very critical comments upon his release from prison last month. I imagine that's a conversation that has to happen before any deal gets done. I also imagine this all means the Giants are very worried about Steve Smith's knee.

Mark Herzlich's father apparently grew up a Giants fan in Connecticut. So he's psyched. As is his son, who as we have discussed could be a real low-risk, high-reward signing for the G-men.

Philadelphia Eagles

A report out of Phoenix late Tuesday night said the Eagles were asking the Cardinals for a first-round draft pick and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in exchange for Kevin Kolb, and that the Cards were offering Rodgers-Cromartie and a second-rounder. Can't hurt to ask, I guess. Personally, I might take the second-rounder and Rodgers-Cromartie if I were the Eagles. But I am not the Eagles, and I have said all along here that it doesn't make sense for the Eagles to deal Kolb unless somebody's compensating him as though he were a starting quarterback. If the Eagles hold firm and the Cardinals balk, you'll see Kolb in Philly, backing up Michael Vick. But I'd still bet something gets done here that makes both sides happy.

Quintin Mikell's contract with the Rams is for four years and $27 million, of which $14 million is guaranteed. Lots of people have been wondering why the Eagles would let Mikell go, and that's your reason. No way they were going that long, or that much money, to keep Mikell when they have Nate Allen and Jaiquawn Jarrett to develop at the safety position. Would it have been nice for Mikell to hang around and help with that development? Sure. But not at a price like that.

Washington Redskins

John Clayton reported early this morning that the Redskins and the Vikings had a tentative deal to send Donovan McNabb to Minnesota as long as McNabb was willing to re-work his contract and take less money to play for the Vikings in 2011. I'm still not sure why McNabb would do that unless he's sure he can't go somewhere else and be guaranteed more playing time, or unless he's worried he'll get cut and lose all of the money. But I guess the latter is a reasonable fear, so we'll see. Fox Sports reported late Tuesday that the deal would be for a 2012 sixth-round pick and maybe a 2013 sixth-rounder, depending on McNabb's 2011 performance. If the Redskins can get anything for McNabb, who I thought they'd have to release, they'll count themselves fortunate.

The Redskins cut punter Josh Bidwell on Tuesday. Mike Jones reports that they have interest in former Bears punter Brad Maynard.

OK, back to it. Anybody who thinks they know what the NFC East landscape will look like 24 hours from now is out of their minds.