Trouble brewing in Philly?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Phil Sheridan of the Philadelphia Inquirer has a column today looking back at how Eagles fans chanted in support of Donovan McNabb's backup in 2003. The chant went something like this: "We want A.J., we want A.J."

A.J. Feeley's no longer on the roster (as of Sunday), but former Pro Bowl quarterback Michael Vick is. Sheridan could see history repeating itself if McNabb gets off to a slow start in the first two games:

"But it is the ticking time bomb planted in the locker room by coach Andy Reid that makes McNabb's situation really precarious," writes Sheridan. "He has exactly two weeks to introduce himself to the strangers in his huddle and make this offense work. If he doesn't accomplish this very tricky task, the crowd at the Linc is apt to be less than supportive by Week 3, when a certain former Pro Bowl quarterback is eligible to return to action. If McNabb has two weeks even remotely as difficult as those first two in '03, this whole season will deteriorate into bad soap opera."

The Eagles open the season on the road against the Panthers and then return home for a game against the Saints. I think they'll at least win one of those games, which should delay a potential quarterback controversy for a week or two. But unlike Sheridan (and this blog), most of the national media is taking a "nothing to see here" approach to the McNabb-Vick relationship. What do you guys think will happen?

How many games do you think Vick will start this season? My guess is three. Is that number too high/low? Please feel free to weigh in.