Breakfast links: Kolb delaying Eagles' plan?

Remember, way back, like, a week or so ago, when it was tough to find two links a day for each team?

Yeah, me neither.

Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones thinks preseason games will be more interesting this year because the lockout wiped out the offseason program and more of the veterans will have to play more reps in the preseason games. Yeah, genius idea, that lockout was. I guess it had benefits we hadn't even thought of yet. Thanks, Jer.

Drew Pearson thinks Dez Bryant will have a "breakout year" if he can stay healthy. Of course, everybody thinks that. Bryant had a "breakout couple of months" last year. He's a superstar talent. There are no questions about what Bryant can do when he's on the field and healthy. The questions are all about what he does off the field and whether he is healthy.

New York Giants

After saying he "can't speak" for Tom Coughlin or Plaxico Burress, Justin Tuck seemed to do just that, speculating that the two could work out their differences and allow for a return of Burress to New York. Burress' former Giants teammates were always behind the idea of a return. The question was whether Giants management was, and they seem to be now. Will be interested to see if Burress is serious about wanting that reunion with Coughlin or whether he's trying to get someone else (like the Steelers, with whom he'll also meet Friday) interested.

Ahmad Bradshaw liked the DeAngelo Williams deal with Carolina and told "NFL Live" he hoped it helped him get a better one than he otherwise would have. The Giants are working on a new deal for Bradshaw, even asking Brandon Jacobs to re-do his deal to help them get it done. But his leverage took a hit late Wednesday night with the FoxSports.com report of the potential Reggie Bush trade to Miami. The Dolphins, who had been a potential landing spot for Bradshaw, are looking elsewhere for running back now. Makes it more likely than ever that Bradshaw returns to New York.

Philadelphia Eagles

Jeff McLane thinks the slow pace of the Kevin Kolb trade talks is holding up the rest of the Eagles' offseason plan, and I guess that's possible but it's not as if all the free-agent cornerbacks, linebackers and defensive ends have signed elsewhere. I think the Eagles are right to be patient and get what they want for Kolb, who has value to them if he stays as a backup quarterback.

DeSean Jackson won't be at practice today, Jonathan Tamari writes. I'm going to use the word "simmering" to describe this situation. I think that's exactly the right word right now.

Washington Redskins

Sally Jenkins writes that Donovan McNabb's time in Washington can be characterized by the term "buyer's remorse." I think that's about right. The Redskins were expecting McNabb to be able to play the way he did when he was younger, and they surrounded him with inadequate receivers and a poor offensive line. He didn't want to be a savior, which is what he had to be given those circumstances. Didn't work out, everybody moves on.

Speaking of that offensive line, Rich Campbell writes that 2010 first-round pick Trent Williams is in better shape and understands that he needs to be better and more consistent in 2011. Williams has the talent to be Washington's franchise left tackle, but he will need to perform better and prove it, and the sooner he does that the better.

Back at it today. You'll note there are a couple of posts up already, pre-links. Many more to come, as well as a couple of more "First Take" hits at 10 a.m., 11 a.m. and noon ET, if you want to check those out. And I promise I'll check in again later tonight to ask, "How was your day?"