Kevin Kolb deal nearing completion

More emails! First, this from John Clayton:

The Arizona Cardinals are close to completing a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles for quarterback Kevin Kolb, a source said Thursday

Terms of the deal aren’t immediately available but the Cardinals have been reportedly offering cornerback Dominique Rogers-Cromatrie and a draft choice. The Eagles had been holding out to get Cromartie and a No. 1 pick.

According to the source, the deal should be completed in the next couple of hours and once it is, Kolb will be getting a new contract. The contract is expected to be worth more than $10 million a year.

And then, moments later, this from Adam Schefter:

To add to this, it will be for CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromatrie and a second-round pick.

So there you have it. The long-anticipated deal of Kolb to the Cardinals is on the verge of completion. It will net the Eagles their starting cornerback opposite Asante Samuel and a second-round draft pick. It will net Kolb a great deal of money and the thing he really wanted, which is the chance to be a starting NFL quarterback. It will net the Cardinals a guy they obviously believe is their present and future solution at the most important position on the field -- a position from which they got a combined total of 10 touchdown passes last season, when they failed to compete in a division that took but seven victories to win.

What's next for the Eagles, who earlier today agreed to terms with defensive end Jason Babin? Well, they should be in the linebacker market. And they're in the hunt for a backup running back, with Darren Sproles the latest name to come up in connection with them. And they'll need to replace Kolb as their backup quarterback, because Mike Kafka likely isn't game-ready at this point in his career. I still say Vince Young for that spot, but we'll find out.

More important than all of that, though, might be talk of new deals for Vick, who seems content regardless, and DeSean Jackson, who's not in camp because he's anything but content.