Hitting the road

All right. They send us to each of our four training camps to do some reporting for a few days, and for me that time has come. I will be spending Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Redskins camp in Ashburn, Va. I am leaving my home in a few minutes and driving there. Should take about four hours. No idea how I'll keep up with news during that time, so you're going to have to be patient with me. Something breaks, I might not be able to jump on it right away. My vague plan is to pull over once every hour and check to see if something has broken that I didn't get a call about. Check texts, emails, Twitter, whatever. And if something happens that needs a post, I'll bang it out before getting back on the road. So I'll talk to you either from the road or from Virginia, where I'll surely be checking in tonight to ask you how your day was.