NFC East Monday: How was your day?

A programming note here: I will not be doing "How Was Your Day?" throughout the season. There's just no way I'm going to sit up until midnight seven nights a week to do a 800-word post summarizing the way each of the division's team spent its day. But since it's still free agency and training camps have just started and everybody's still excited and I haven't posted in like seven hours because I was at a baseball game with Peter King, I feel it's my duty to check in and ask the simple yet very important question: How was your day...

Dallas Cowboys?

"Boooo-ring." Yeah, sorry, Jason Hatcher, but you're not enough to get Cowboys fans off my back about, "When will they do something???" Nice stories out of San Antone about Jason Garrett making the rookies earn their stars and Rob Ryan firing shots across the bow of the S.S. Dream Team, but if the Cowboys don't sign two safeties by Thursday, I'm really going to worry about certain regular members of my Twitter feed and their proximity to sharp objects. Fortunately, this was only Monday, and nobody they sign can practice until Thursday anyway.

New York Giants?

"Victorious." All those Ahmad Bradshaw bluffs flamed out, and the bluff the Giants made (if it was indeed that, which it might not have been, since Jason Snelling is a pretty good player) worked, as Snelling's visit to East Rutherford appears to have scared Ahmad Bradshaw into signing a four-year deal to stay in New York. It remains to be seen if the Ben Patrick signing has the same effect on Kevin Boss, or if he's getting enough serious interest elsewhere to lure him away. And Osi Umenyiora has gone off the reservation. But Bradshaw was a big key for the Giants this offseason, and they appear to have brought him back at something more closely resembling their price than his.

Philadelphia Eagles?

"Kinda weird." Asante Samuel said some of the right things in his first news conference since the Eagles brought in two new very good players who play his same position. But he also said some things that indicated he wasn't overly happy with the news. I don't know. The Eagles could trade him, I guess. But if it were me, I'd have to get an awful lot in return. Samuel is excellent, and having him, Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie available at cornerback in a pass-heavy league has to be tempting, right? The Eagles did finally get first-round pick Danny Watkins signed, and he didn't get that fourth year guaranteed, which was supposedly important to him. But we'll see what happens with Samuel and the linebacker position and backup running back and all of that now that the euphoria of Friday and Saturday has begun to subside.

Washington Redskins?

"Hot." It really was, during the morning practice. And the afternoon walk-through was cut short by a thunderstorm that had the very pleasant effect of cooling things off and knocking out the humidity. But the Redskins had another businesslike day, adding kicker Shayne Graham to push Graham Gano into kicking his field goals straighter and welcoming Jammal Brown back to the fold and Tim Hightower to the running back mix. Monday was my first day at Redskins camp as I begin my NFC East training camp odyssey, and I found the Redskins to be as I expected them to be -- cool and relaxed without any Albert Haynesworth-level distractions and still very questionable at quarterback.

My day? Well, it was excellent. I have many old friends in this area, several of whom cover the Redskins for the Washington Post. It's great to see them, and it was great to spend Monday night at the Braves-Nationals game with some of them as well as Sports Illustrated's Peter King, who's a good man who was a great help to me when I made the transition a couple of years back from baseball writer to football writer. It was nice to kick back at a ballgame Monday night and relax after a week's worth of post-lockout transaction frenzy, and I'll be back at Redskins on Tuesday for more interviews and reporting. Later this week, I'll drop in on the Eagles, and I plan to see the Cowboys and Giants next week. So my day was great and I expect the rest of the next couple of weeks will be too.

How was your day?