Chat wrap: Redskins questions dominate

ASHBURN, Va. -- We do this thing we call the NFC East live chat. We do it on Tuesdays at noon ET and it's generally about the most awesome hour of the whole week anywhere on the Internet. We did it today, and you can still see how truly awesome it was if you click on this link.

If you missed it, or if you're unable for some reason to click on that link, I have some highlights here for you. I'll do one for each team even though the overwhelming majority of questions I got this week were Redskins questions. I assume that was because the Redskins readers all know I'm here checking out their team.

John from Long Island asked why the Giants won't soften their demands on a potential Osi Umenyiora trade. John said the Giants have no leverage and that a second-round pick would be better than keeping around "a disgruntled prima donna."

Dan Graziano: But I don't think that's what Osi actually is. I think he's pulling this act in an effort to get a new deal. If he doesn't, I don't believe he'll sit out games or make things difficult in the locker room. Too many strong personalities in there who wouldn't allow it.

BK from NOHO said he thought Dallas could be just fine this year in spite of the lack of the kind of splashy free-agent moves the Eagles are making, and he wondered why the Eagles are getting lauded for having, ostensibly, the kind of name-focused offseason Dallas has had with little success in years past.

DG: I agree that Dallas will be good. They have a lot of very good players on their team. They can score tons of points, and the defense should be better this year for Rob Ryan's presence as coordinator. As for Philly... sure, but what are we supposed to do? Not say they had a great week of free agency? They did.

Mike in D.C. wondered why it took the Redskins so long to re-sign Rex Grossman.

DG: If you were Grossman, and you knew Beck was throwing ducks and interceptions in practice, would you rush to get there? Or wait and see if they throw an extra couple of bucks into the offer? Just sayin.

Sam in NJ asked if I thought the Eagles were really the NFC frontrunner. Sam said he didn't think so because he thinks they're still undersized on the defensive line and the Packers look good all over.

DG: Yeah, but the defending champ always looks great until we're reminded why it's so hard to repeat. The Saints looked poised to do it last year and got ambushed in the playoffs by a 7-9 team. I think the Packers, Eagles, Saints, Falcons, maybe Bears, maybe Giants have the right to be in the discussion of NFC front-runners. Cowboys could get in that mix too, I think, if the defense jells.

More chat next Tuesday, as you know by now. Was fun today. Thanks for making it so.