The Beast Report: Will Sheppard be a distraction?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

  • Nick Fierro of Lehigh Valley Live thinks it's about time for Brian Dawkins to address the Lito Sheppard situation. But to suggest this could turn into a T.O.-like situation is pretty far-fetched. It is pretty naive for Sheppard to suggest he has no say in how Drew Rosenhaus handles his situation.

"I wouldn't say it bothered me, because I'm bigger than that, I'm a professional ... Drew hasn't been with Sheldon Brown for 7 years; I think he's been with Lito for two months. He hasn't followed my career. He hasn't broke down any film; he probably couldn't tell you what number (Brown wears). It's really irrelevant ... (from watching the video) you would think the guy has been scouting tape and knowing the statistics and following us our whole career. A lot of times, people should just worry about their [own] jobs."

  • Uh-oh. Someone calm L.J. Smith down on the DeSean Jackson talk. Donovan McNabb has done a nice job of tempering the enthusiasm for the rookie, but Smith appears to be comparing him to T.O.

  • Here's another story on the now infamous Rosenhaus video. With all of Rosenhaus' clout, couldn't he have chosen a better forum than Youtube? Not the most professional thing I've ever observed. Perhaps he'll start negotiating exclusively on Youtube. I guess it would make for good theater.