Breakfast links: Osi's knee

Back, refreshed and headed over to Lehigh to see if I can scrounge up a storyline or two at Eagles camp. But not before I stop for a moment to enjoy some fresh, hot links.

Dallas Cowboys

DeMarcus Ware and Miles Austin have restructured their contracts, according to the Dallas Morning News, creating about $12 million in cap room that will allow the Cowboys to get under the cap by the deadline to do so, which is today. The Cowboys had been over the cap entering Thursday, but they waited until Thursday to do the restructuring because, if they hadn't those players wouldn't have been allowed to practice with the team until the league year opened.

Calvin Watkins says the Cowboys were unprepared for the Terence Newman injury and shouldn't have been, given his history. (Newman's, not Calvin's, that is.) Calvin thinks the team lacks depth at the cornerback position and should have added there in the draft or free agency. Assuming they have created enough room with the restructurings, they could go out and get a guy like Lito Sheppard to add depth in case Newman isn't ready for the season, but there's not much left out there.

New York Giants

The latest on Osi Umenyiora is that he "says he has a sore knee," according to the team, and isn't practicing because of that. Mike Garafolo has a source saying Umenyiora's knee could require surgery, but as Mike points out, saying Umenyiora "says" he has a sore knee, instead of just saying he does, indicates that the team is skeptical. Umenyiora is, of course, unhappy about his contract and has yet to practice with the team. He and his agent spent the week trying, unsuccessfully, to find a trade partner for the Giants to send him to.

Meanwhile, top draft pick Prince Amukamara has signed his four-year contract and should be ready to join the Giants at practice. Ohm Youngmisuk writes that the first three years and more than half of the fourth are guaranteed.

Philadelphia Eagles

Jeffrey Lurie reiterated the Eagles' team policy that it will not negotiate a contract with a player while that player is a holdout, which means DeSean Jackson needs to be in camp before he gets his new contract. My insight into this matter is not extensive, but I have some information, and what I have does not lead me to believe I will see Jackson at Lehigh today or tomorrow. So it lingers, though Jackson will have to be in camp by Tuesday if he doesn't want to risk losing a year's worth of credit toward next year's unrestricted free agency. That notebook also points out that Jackson's fellow receiver, Jeremy Maclin, has yet to practice because of an illness he and the team have yet to discuss publicly.

Les Bowen found a neurosurgeon who was attending Eagles practice and explained some things about Mike Patterson's brain condition. It's scary-sounding stuff, and of course all anyone anywhere near the situation can hope is that Patterson gets whatever treatment he needs and gets healthy, regardless of football.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins brought back Reed Doughty and Rocky McIntosh to add depth to what appears to be a drastically improved defense. Doughty could see a lot of snaps at safety if LaRon Landry's injury lingers, and McIntosh has a chance to be a starting inside linebacker next to London Fletcher, though the team was excited about what it saw out of Perry Riley in the first week of practice.

Rich Campbell writes of rookie Jarvis Jenkins, of whom there's been a lot of chatter in the early part of Redskins camp. Earlier this week when I was at that camp, I asked left tackle Trent Williams about going against Jenkins in practice, and Williams told me, "He's learning so fast, it's kind of scary."

More to come, but right now I'm off to watch Eagles players bump into each other for a couple of hours. Will keep you posted on everything I see, hear and learn.