Ware: Cowboys won't be 6-10 again

The idea has come up on this blog a few times in recent months about whether the Cowboys lack leadership, especially on defense. And I believe it to be a worthwhile question because, as the defense sunk the season last year with its uninspired, underachieving play, there didn't seem to be anyone in the locker room vocalizing any shame or embarrassment about it.

Well, DeMarcus Ware changed that today, telling Tim MacMahon of ESPNDallas.com that last year's 6-10 record didn't accurately reflect the ability of the players in the locker room. Many of us already knew this, but here's what Ware had to say about it:

"We weren't a 6-10 team last year, but that's what the record said,'' Ware said. "I think we can improve from that 6-10 record, especially with improvements on defense and our offense is going to keep rolling. It's not going to be a 6-10 season this year.''

It's good to know he cares, of course, and that the players on the defensive side of the ball realize that there needs to be improvement. Ware had an excellent individual season, but players such as Jay Ratliff, Anthony Spencer and Mike Jenkins, who'd been so critical to the Cowboys' late-2009 success, saw their performance tail off last year. Much of Dallas' hope for this year rests on the idea that those players will bounce back. It'll be interesting to see how much the disappointment of 2010 motivates them to be better in 2011.