Chat wrap: The Romo question, again

Tuesday afternoon, as we do every Tuesday afternoon, we got our chat on. If you missed it, I offer the following highlights out of pity:

Casey from New York asked the question I get 15 times every chat: "Is it safe to say this is a make or break" season for Tony Romo in Dallas.

Dan Graziano: "It's 'safe' to say it only because you don't have to hear how loud I'm screaming in reaction to having been asked this question for the one billionth time. What does 'break' mean, in this case? They going to get rid of him? Romo played brilliantly down their 2009 stretch run and was playing well before his injury last year. He's the least of their problems. Cowboys' season will rise and fall on the performance of Rob Ryan's defense.

Christopher from D.C. asked if I thought the Eagles' Super Bowl chances rested on Michael Vick's health, since Vince Young isn't likely to be able to take over and win for an extended period of time.

DG: "Yeah, I think if they lose Vick, they have no chance of going all the way. Young can fill in for a game or two, but he's not the guy who takes them to Indy. I think a lot of what they're doing in terms of building up has to do with Vick and the sense that they can't know how long his window is going to be. Have to go for it while you have that kind of difference-maker at quarterback. Vick looks fantastic in practice, by the way."

Scott from Maryland, noting that Adam Carriker is still listed as a starting defensive end for the Redskins, wondered if rookie Jarvis Jenkins has a chance to claim that spot.

DG: "I think there's a chance, but I don't think they feel Carriker's done anything to lose it. They're going to rotate defensive linemen, and I believe you'll see plenty of Jenkins, who's drawing raves not just for his play in practice but also for how quickly he's learning the scheme.

Chris from Franklin Lakes, N.J., asked if, with all the talk about the Giants offering incentives to try and settle things, "things are looking up" in the Osi Umenyiora contract issue with the Giants.

DG: "I think it's all going to come down to how far he wants to push it. If the Giants offer an olive branch in the form of incentives, I'd personally take it if I were him. He has no leverage. But he seems bound and determined to make his point, and there's a decent chance this gets uglier before it gets better."

We do it every Tuesday at noon ET. If you've never dropped by, we won't hold it against you. You're still welcome back next week.