Read: Mark Herzlich on beating cancer

I will be tweeting and writing plenty of New York Giants tonight and tomorrow. Their first preseason game is in a few hours, and our 'Camp Confidential' on the Giants is scheduled to run tomorrow afternoon. But before all of that gets going, I wanted to direct you all to Ohm's story on Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich, the former Boston College superstar whose NFL dreams appeared lost a couple of years ago when he was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma.

Herzlich was 21 years old and didn't know if he would live, let alone get to keep his leg, let alone ever play football again. He spoke candidly here with Ohm about the experience, and it's worth a read if you're interested in learning the story of one of the players you'll be watching if you put on the Giants game tonight. You don't have to be a Giants fan to root for Mark Herlich to have a big game or a successful NFL career.