Inside Michael Vick's moment in time

We have an occasional feature here called "Inside a Moment in Time" -- a very cool graphic feature that shows a picture from a big game or moment and allows you to click on every player in the picture to get that player's thoughts on what was going through his mind at that moment in time.

Why do I bring this up? Well, we have done one on Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick and the huge game he had against the Washington Redskins on that Monday night last year that we all surely remember well. The link is here, and if you have time I recommend clicking through to hear and read the thoughts of everyone in the photo of Vick running into the end zone for a touchdown in that game. That includes Vick and Eagles offensive linemen Jason Peters, Todd Herremans and Nick Cole, as well as Redskins defensive players DeAngelo Hall, Lorenzo Alexander, Rocky McIntosh and Andre Carter, all of whom were very good sports about the thing.

It was a fun project to work on and, I think, a fun feature to check out if you have a few minutes.