My plans for the week

So yeah, it's the regular season now, and some things are changing, format-wise. And because you are such loyal and faithful readers, I feel compelled to keep you posted on the way things will work, starting with my blogging and coverage plans for the remainder of this week.

  • On Wednesday, we here at ESPN.com's NFL page will do an all-day chat that runs from 10 am to 5 pm ET. This is our NFL kickoff chat, and it will feature blocks with me and my fellow ESPN NFL bloggers as well as Chris Mortensen, Matt Williamson and Adam Schefter. I'm on from 10:30 am until around about 11 am, when I'll clear out for Mort. So hit me up there in that half hour if you're around. And stick around for the rest of the day too for plenty of good stuff.

  • Also on Wednesday, I will be debuting a regular weekly feature here on the NFC East blog -- The Running All-Division Team. This will be a position-by-position All-NFC East team that will be reviewed and subject to change each Wednesday during the season. I have a pretty good idea on the starters as of now, but as always I welcome your input, and just because you don't like a pick this week doesn't mean you shouldn't try (politely, if possible) to sway me to your point of view for next week. Check in tomorrow morning for the debut of that nifty feature.

  • I'm planning to go Wednesday to Giants practice and check in on them and all their injuries and write my weekly Thursday column on how they're coping. So I'll keep you updated with any news updates from there Wednesday, and fill you in with some in-depth knowledge and perspective on the Giants on Thursday.

  • Friday will bring "Final Word," our weekly post on "five nuggets of knowledge about the division." I'm also planning to do predictions for final scores of the week's NFC East games on Fridays, and considering resurrecting the "Fired-Up Friday" debate post we all enjoyed so well during the lockout, assuming the debate from the All-Division Team isn't enough to carry us through the day.

  • Saturday, I will travel to St. Louis, where I will attend and cover the Eagles' season opener Sunday against the Rams. I will also of course keep an eye on the Giants-Redskins game and the Cowboys-Jets game and offer my thoughts on those early next week. My current travel plans will allow me to see each team in the division live and in person -- and three of them twice -- within the first three weeks of the regular season. I'll attend at least one division game each week of the regular season, and I was serious a couple of months ago when I said I'd be happy to run a best-tailgate contest if you'd allow me to judge it in person. So I'll keep you updated on my schedule and you keep me posted on where I might be able to actually meet some of you guys face-to-face.

Along the way, there will be other posts, of course, and maybe a video mailbag or two. But I wanted to give you guys some sort of heads-up on some of the stuff that will be coming your way as I work to make sure you guys enjoy your 2011-12 NFC East season.