NFC East: The week ahead

All right, so, Week 1 in the books and we all survived it together. Hope you enjoyed the run-up to the weekend and what we've done since. As always, I welcome your feedback. (Though I prefer the nicer, well-intentioned stuff ...)

Here's the plan for this week:

  • We'll do our weekly chat Tuesday at noon ET, of course, and later in the afternoon you'll see the first edition of this year's Stock Watch for the division. It's also Power Rankings day, and I'll be doing video for that and a post on how the NFC East teams fared, as usual.

  • Wednesday will bring the second edition of the NFC East All-Division Team. This is the link to last week's team, and there will certainly be some changes. If you have a strong case to make for someone either way, I'm eager to hear it in the comments section here or in the mailbag.

  • Last week, the media relations staffs in the division were very helpful in getting me phone interviews with players, and I hope you enjoyed what came out of that. Working on that again this week, of course, and I hope to generate some of my own reporting for the Thursday column and other features as the week goes along.

  • Friday will bring Final Word, as always, and the video predictions.

  • And I will see two NFC East games this weekend. I'll be in Washington on Sunday to see the Redskins take on the Cardinals, and in New Jersey on Monday night for the Rams-Giants game.

Looking forward to all of it, and happy to have you all along for the ride.