Redskins' Zorn won't babysit Thomas

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

NEW YORK -- Greetings from Manhattan, where there's been a steady drizzle throughout the afternoon and early evening. I'm about to head over to a famous Giants bar in Midtown to start preparing in earnest for tomorrow's game. But before I do that, let me point you in the direction of something that showed up on The Washington Post's Web site Saturday.

Apparently Redskins wide receiver Devin Thomas told reporters after the third preseason game that returning kicks helps him get into the flow of a game sooner than usual. Seems pretty innocuous to me, but coach Jim Zorn took exception to Thomas' mindset when he was reminded of the comment this week.

"I think it helps a guy to get the ball, but I'm hoping that he can do it ... maybe somebody just has to smack him on the sideline," Zorn said. "You know, something to get him fired up. I don't want to put (additional duties) on a guy to always have (him) ready. He's going to kind of hold us hostage, 'Well, you didn't put me on the kickoff, so that's why I didn't play well.' That doesn't make any sense."

And as we've talked about recently, you're starting to see how frustrated this organization is with Thomas. I had a long talk with quarterback Jason Campbell about Thomas recently. Campbell's very complimentary of Thomas' athleticism, but says that he needs to show more maturity in his approach to the game. I sense that both Zorn and Campbell are starting to lose their patience with Thomas. It's not like those guys have a lot of time to turn this organization around -- and they want all hands on deck.