Breakfast links: Banged-up QB edition

Morning, all. It's Wednesday, which means practices and injury updates and maybe... maybe some news on the banged-up big-name quarterbacks in our fair division. Everybody wants to know who's out and who's playing and who has a chance to beat whom on Sunday and Monday, but the fact is we still don't have all the information we need to make those predictions, and we're just hoping things will start to become clearer today.

What we do have is links.

Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones says the key to whether Tony Romo can come back from his cracked rib and punctured lung or not is how much pain he can tolerate. I think that's probably true, as long as the lung thing is fully healed and not at risk of worsening. And as long as the broken ribs aren't a risk to puncture the lung again. So you know. We'll see. At least the Cowboys know they have Jon Kitna as a capable backup. I'm really amazed more teams don't prioritize that.

With Terence Newman finally set to return but Miles Austin hurt and Dez Bryant having just missed Sunday's game with an injury, the Cowboys need receivers more than they need cornerbacks. So it's out with Bryan McCann and in with Laurent Robinson as they continue to work to juggle things the best they can.

New York Giants

Everybody on the Giants saw what happened when Tom Coughlin decided to bench Aaron Ross for a series Monday night, and Ross' veteran teammates now know their job is to help Ross come back stronger from the incident, Antrel Rolle says. The Giants don't have an option after Ross right now, so the key is to make sure he's in the right frame of mind to help and improve.

It sounds as though Osi Umenyiora might begin practicing this week as he works to return from knee surgery, but it does not sound as though he'll be ready to play Sunday in Philadelphia. More likely Week 4, from what The Star-Ledger is reporting.

Philadelphia Eagles

If Michael Vick can't recover from his concussion in time to make the start Sunday against the Giants and Mike Kafka has to replace him, we can expect more short and intermediate throws, based on what Kafka showed Sunday night. Of course, on Monday, Andy Reid said he'd been too conservative with calling plays for Kafka, so Sunday night might not be the best indicator of what we could see from Kafka if he's the guy.

Jarrett Bell writes that the drama surrounding Michael Vick and his health status this week is all part of the trouble with being the kind of quarterback Vick is. The style of play that makes him brilliant is the style that puts him at risk, as we all know. And so even if he is cleared to come back this week, there's no guarantee the same thing won't happen again Sunday.

Washington Redskins

What's that, you say? You're fed up with reading nothing put positive, glowing things about the Redskins and their 2-0 start? Well, here you go. The Washington Times offers some reviews of the Skins' offense's disappointing performance so far in the red zone. Just in case you thought everything was roses.

Jason Reid takes a look at demoted veteran fullback Mike Sellers, whose handling of his diminished playing time is an example of the selfless veteran leadership this Redskins roster has in bunches.

All right. Off to work on this week's All-Division Team, because I know you guys won't accept anything less than perfection on that. Should be up this afternoon.