Source: Tony Romo's lung has healed

The great Calvin Watkins has a source telling him the CT scan on Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo shows that the small puncture in Romo's lung has healed, which is obviously a big step toward getting Romo on the field for Monday night's game against the Washington Redskins.

Romo still has a fractured rib, which is almost certainly what punctured the lung in the first place, so he's not 100 percent good to go Monday. The Cowboys still must be certain they're not putting Romo at risk of catastrophic, life-threatening injury (I mean, any more than an NFL team does that with its quarterback just by putting him in a game) before sending him back out there. But as Calvin reports, Romo did some throwing Thursday and was fitted for that protective vest. So the steps are being taken. Still three days to go on this, and they may use all three to make this decision.