Breakfast links: Pumped for Cowboys-Skins

Yep, just another boring, predictable NFL Sunday. Tom Brady throws four interceptions and blows a three-touchdown lead. The Giants come back and beat the Eagles with big plays by Victor Cruz. The Lions, Bills, Packers and Redskins (pending Monday night's result) are the only undefeated teams in the league. Just like everybody predicted.

It continues to astound me that people go out, work hard and earn money only to turn around and bet it on NFL football games. It should be clear by now that the only thing you can count on are the links.

Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo says he's "good to go" against the Redskins on "Monday Night Football" on ESPN. Romo says he'll be dealing with the pain from his broken ribs for the next month, but that he'll be able to play Monday. Also good news for the Cowboys in there on Felix Jones and Dez Bryant, as it appears they'll play in the big division game against the Redskins as well.

The Cowboys' defense has been better in its first two games than many of us expected it to be right out of the gate under new coordinator Rob Ryan. In this story, I learned that they plan to pressure Rex Grossman Monday, that Ryan calls his outside pass rushers, DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer, "the lizards" and that Ryan likes to say "hell" a lot.

New York Giants

Steve Politi writes, it was hard to like Victor Cruz's chances against Nnamdi Asomugha on the touchdown that put the Giants in the lead Sunday against the Eagles. Cruz is the unlikely hero who took advantage of a big opportunity Sunday with Mario Manningham and Domenik Hixon out, and he's a neat story. Ian O'Connor has more on Cruz here.

Mike Mazzeo writes that Michael Boley made the biggest play of the game for the Giants' defense. In a year that has seen the Giants lose key piece after key piece on defense to injury, Boley has been doing nothing but making big plays. You know that cliche where they say, "Somebody just has to step up?" Well, Boley is that cliche come to life. He's having a great season so far.

Philadelphia Eagles

Jimmy Kempski has a video breakdown that shows the Giants have now beaten the Eagles on the exact same play two years in a row -- the pass to Brandon Jacobs up the sideline. Nice work by Kempski, and as he points out, bad job by the Eagles' defensive coaches not making poor Casey Matthews aware of the fact that the Giants had that play in their bag of tricks.

Andy Reid was terse and grumpy in his postgame news conference, which struck me as a little unfair. I mean, we weren't the ones who missed the tackles on Cruz. Anyway, Bob Ford has some fun with Reid, and thinks the Eagles' head coach has to take some blame for what happened at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday.

Washington Redskins

Anthony Armstrong is hoping for a big encore to the big game he had for the Redskins last year in Dallas. We haven't heard much so far this year from Armstrong, who seems to be no better than the fourth option in the passing game behind Fred Davis, Santana Moss and Jabar Gaffney, but Grossman completed passes to eight different guys last week, so you really never know.

Deron Snyder expresses a sentiment many people on both sides of Monday night's game are feeling: It's nice that a Cowboys-Redskins game feels like it means something again after what feels like a long time for this historically-bitter rivalry.

Folks, I'm flying Monday morning from Philadelphia to Dallas, so you won't see much of anything from me until maybe this afternoon when I'm settled into my press box seat at Cowboys Stadium. Meantime, scroll back and see what I had on the Giants-Eagles game from Sunday and the Redskins column I posted Sunday morning, if you haven't checked it out already. Check in with you from Big D.