How you feeling? Giants-Seahawks

As you get ready for the New York Giants' home game Sunday afternoon against the Seahawks, here's one reason for Giants fans to be feeling good and one reason for concern:

Feeling good: The Seahawks have allowed 14 sacks so far this season. Only two teams -- the Bears and the Rams -- have allowed more. This, of course, plays into the Giants' greatest defensive strength. Even if Justin Tuck isn't playing, they'll generate plenty of pass rush with Osi Umenyiora and Jason Pierre-Paul at the defensive end spots. The only wrinkle could be if the Giants are more focused this week on stopping the run, since that's been a weakness of theirs. But Seattle has the second-fewest rushing yards of any team in the league, so the Giants ought to be able to stick to what they do well and pressure Tarvaris Jackson into mistakes.

Cause for concern: There isn't much, as this looks like a lopsided matchup on paper, especially with the Giants at home. But if Jackson can use his above-average mobility to elude that Giants pass rush, top receiver Sidney Rice will be creating mismatches against Giants defensive backs all day. Rice has the size and speed to manhandle Corey Webster and/or Aaron Ross, and the ability to make catches even in tight coverage. The Giants will need to do as good a job limiting Rice's ability to beat them with a big play as they did against the Eagles and their great receivers two weeks ago in Philadelphia.