Take a ride on the 'Romo Coaster'

We know all about the up-and-down season that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has had so far. It's even led to the coining of a new term to describe what it's like to watch Romo week-to-week: The "Romo Coaster." You know, he's either been really great or really awful, and following along is like riding a roller coaster.

Well, the term is catching on, as Trey Wingo and Marcellus Wiley demonstrate. Trey does an amazing job as the straight man, summing up the highs and lows of Romo's season as a pretty cool-looking ride goes through all of its cycles. But the main reason to watch the video is to see the reaction of Marcellus, who clearly does not like roller coasters and was a good sport for agreeing to this assignment.