Does Romo have a glass chin?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
CLEVELAND -- On the previous Cowboys drive, that was Browns linebacker Kamerion Wimbley beating left tackle Flozell Adams on an outside speed rush to deck Tony Romo. The Browns have generated some pressure in the second half, but it hasn't helped their cause that much.

Romo came back and connected with tight end Jason Witten on the next play. The Cowboys' cut man (athletic trainer Jim Maurer) pulled out his bucket and chair and went to work. Romo winced in pain after the play, but he appears to be fine now.

In the first half, the Browns attempted to play coverage and rush with three players. The results were not pretty. Oops, there's an INT. Never mind. And there are signs of life inside Browns Stadium again.

In his past two games (counting the third preseason game), Romo has thrown two interceptions in the end zone. On that one, he simply threw off his back foot. Honestly, he probably got too comfortable against this defense.