Breakfast links: When a trade's not a trade

I had a whole breakfast links post ready to go Wednesday night, but I had to retract it because of my keyboard's health. So this is the updated version.

New York Giants

Antrel Rolle's been pulling double-duty as a starting safety and a nickel cornerback, which has impressed the Giants' coaching staff but is, in my mind, the main reason the team would benefit from getting a healthy Prince Amukamara on the field. If he can play, he'd allow Rolle to play only safety and likely get a needed breather every now and then.

It's not easy covering the other team's No. 1 wide receiver every week, but it's a challenge that Corey Webster is accepting with enthusiasm, according to Mike Garafolo.

Washington Redskins

Jason Reid writes that "Now that the Shanahans have acknowledged they were wrong in naming [Rex] Grossman the starter six weeks ago, they must be right this time about [John] Beck." Now, I love Jason like a long-lost brother with whom I used to drink beers when we were both young and single and covering Major League Baseball for a living. But I disagree with his assessment of the Redskins' quarterback situation. If Beck plays poorly, they can just go back to Grossman. It's not as though Grossman's been cut. They knew what they had at quarterback when the season began, and I'm sure they knew they were going to have to make at least one change as the season went along. And I think they knew there was a pretty good chance they didn't have their long-term answer on this year's roster and would have to devote a fair amount of the focus of the next offseason to finding one. I don't think anything's changed that dramatically.

Oh, and everybody's saying that the stuff Santana Moss said earlier in the week about hoping Grossman got to keep the job doesn't matter. Everybody's saying that. Moss, Beck, everybody. But Moss said he still thinks Grossman can do the job, just so you know.

Dallas Cowboys

DeMarcus Ware missed Wednesday's practice to rest his back, which bothered him during Sunday's game against the Patriots. Now, it's a tried-and-true axiom of journalism that you never under-emphasize an injury because (a) the team's usually trying to do that anyway and (b) any injury could potentially be serious. But in this case, I'd be pretty surprised if there was anything to worry about in terms of Ware playing Sunday.

It's beginning to look as though the Cowboys could get a contribution out of rookie linebacker Bruce Carter this season, as he's out on the practice field and could be playing on special teams at least very soon.

Philadelphia Eagles

Remember that trade from Tuesday when the Eagles sent disappointing backup running back Ronnie Brown to Detroit for former Eagles backup Jerome Harrison? Yeah, it never happened. Harrison failed an Eagles physical, voiding the trade, and the players head back to the teams they were on last week. That means Ronnie Brown is still on the Eagles. It does not mean you should expect him to play very much for them.

The Eagles' offensive line has taken a lot of heat this year, mainly for some specific and ugly failures to protect quarterback Michael Vick. But in truth, Vick bears a lot of responsibility for that issue himself, and the criticism has obscured the fact that the Eagles' line has been a tremendous run-blocking unit this year. Paul Domowitch writes of the positives on the line.