Video: Woodson picks Eagles-Cowboys

We have video from Wednesday morning's "SportsCenter" in which NFL analyst Darren Woodson uses the "NFL Predictor" tool to help him pick the winner of Sunday night's critical matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys. Darren feeds several factors into the formula, including rushing yards per attempt, turnover margin, red zone efficiency and third-down conversion percentage, and calculates the result.

But the result is a 20-17 Eagles victory, and Woodson, the former Cowboy, doesn't like that pick. So he ends up picking the Cowboys anyway.

Kind of funny, but it's a way also to direct you to the NFL Predictor if you have an ESPN Insider account. That way you can get predictions before Friday, which is when (in case you hadn't heard) they come out on this blog.

We're going to keep writing about this game all week here. And, yes, we'll have Giants and Redskins posts too -- no one will ever be able to say I overlooked any of my four teams. But the big Sunday night intradivision matchup is the game of the week in the NFC East, and I know you'll be looking for as much as you can get on it.