How you feeling? Redskins-49ers

As you get ready for Sunday's home games against the 49ers, here's one reason for Washington Redskins fans to be feeling good and one reason for concern:

Feeling good: Well, they're getting a little bit healthier. Starting left tackle Trent Williams returns to the lineup three weeks after spraining his ankle, and tight end Fred Davis, who injured his ankle last week, is slated to start. So after three weeks' worth of lousy injury news, the Redskins are finally getting some good. Williams' return, assuming he's healthy enough to be effective, will help out an offensive line that gave up 10 sacks to the Bills last week, and Davis is basically the team's No. 1 receiver with Santana Moss still out with a broken hand.

Cause for concern: The 49ers are 6-1 for a number of reasons, and many of those reasons play right into the Redskins' weaknesses. They run the ball very well, for example, with Frank Gore, and the Redskins have struggled to stop the run all year, even back when things were going well. The 49ers also stay away from turnovers, and if the Redskins are going to win this game they're going to need help in the form of San Francisco mistakes. Unfortunately for Washington, Alex Smith and the 49ers are very careful with and protective of the football.