How you feeling? Eagles-Bears

As you get ready for the Monday Night Football game against the Bears in Philadelphia, here's one reason for Eagles fans to be feeling good and one reason for concern:

Feeling good: Earlier in the season Eagles quarterback Michael Vick complained about how hard and how often he was getting hit. Well, what he was going through was nothing compared to the tribulations of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (who also complained). According to ESPN Stats & Information, no quarterback has thrown a higher percentage of passes while under duress this year than has Cutler, who's thrown 28.9 percent of his passes in situations where he's had to alter his throw or been forced from the pocket due to pressure. (Vick's figure is fourth-highest, at 23.2 percent). The Eagles have excelled at pressuring quarterbacks with their front four and should be able to force Cutler into difficult situations.

Cause for concern: The man's name is Matt Forte. He's the Bears' running back who's in the news because he's not happy with his contract. He's also leading the NFL in total yards from scrimmage and could be a nightmare for an Eagles defense that has struggled to defend the run game and the screen game. The Eagles' linebackers will face a stiffer test from Forte than they have from the Redskins or Cowboys in either of their past two games, and will need to find a way to limit his production.