Breakfast links: Reid says Eagles aren't soft

Wednesday links can be tough, because nothing happens on Tuesdays. But you don't want to hear about my problems. You just want your links. I feel ya.

New York Giants

Ohm Youngmisuk's got his midseason report card out, and as you might expect for a 6-2, first-place team, the grades are pretty good. I think he was a little generous to the offensive line and a little hard on the linebackers, and I really believe the run game problems are the line's fault more than they are that of the backs. But overall, lots of A's and B's as the record warrants.

How did Jake Ballard and Victor Cruz emerge as legitimate threats in the passing game for the first-place team in the NFC East? Mike Vorkunov has the story.

Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones says it's too soon to say DeMarco Murray should be the Cowboys' feature back, but then he goes ahead and compares him to Eric Dickerson. Gotta say: If your job is to find fun, colorful quotes about a pro sports team, you've got to love Jerry Jones.

Sean Lee is hoping to practice Wednesday and play Sunday, and if you don't think that matters, you haven't watched the Cowboys try to play defense without him the past two weeks. Lee is a "glue guy" in the Dallas defense, and they miss him.

Philadelphia Eagles

Andy Reid says the Eagles aren't a soft team. I obviously wouldn't expect him to say anything else, but the evidence points in the other direction. They've lost four games in which they've held fourth-quarter leads -- all to teams ahead of them in the NFC playoff race. They have yet to come back and win when down in the fourth quarter. So while I don't expect a coach to call his team soft, in this case I invite his team to prove it's not. Whenever it's ready.

A lot of the Eagles' high hopes this season were based on the premise that Michael Vick was a special, possible transcendent player at the quarterback position. Reuben Frank writes that, to this point, Vick has not been that.

Washington Redskins

It's not showing up on the field right now, but one of the things the Redskins have going for them is the veteran leadership in their locker room. For example, while he rehabs his busted hand and can't play, Santana Moss is making a contribution by tutoring the young receivers the Redskins have. Hey, this stuff matters.

Attitude isn't an issue for the Redskins. Even Ryan Torain, passed over for Roy Helu like Fredo was for Michael, is keeping a positive outlook. We won't see Torain running off and conspiring with Johnny Ola to the point where Helu kisses him on the mouth in a Havana nightclub and says, "I know it was you. You broke my heart. You broke my heart." I mean, that might happen, I guess, but I doubt we'd see it, since it'd be in Cuba and all.