Breakfast links: Just run, Brandon

Friday links need no introduction.

New York Giants

Johnette Howard writes that Brandon Jacobs can't seem to help himself, and that it's past time for him to stop complaining about his role and the way the team has treated him and just run hard. With Ahmad Bradshaw out, Jacobs is getting the opportunity he says he's wanted, and the best thing he could do for his team and himself, Johnette says, is just stop talking and play.

It appears that Devin Thomas has been demoted from his spot as the Giants' primary kick returner and replaced by running back Da'Rel Scott. Part of the reason it's Scott and not D.J. Ware is that, with Bradshaw out another game, Ware will be needed in the run game more than in the return game.

Dallas Cowboys

Calvin Watkins has the tale of Laurent Robinson and his journey from the scrap heap to his now-prominent role in the Cowboys' passing game. Robinson could be catching a lot of passes with Miles Austin and his bum hamstring on the shelf again. After all, he already was.

The Cowboys will go back to Oxnard, Calif., next year for part of their training camp. Due to the lockout this season, they scrapped their California plans and held training camp in San Antonio, Texas. Doesn't sound as though San Antonio is out of the picture completely, though, and you might see a repeat of that old plan where they had camp in two or three different places. I don't think the players love that, but it is what it is.

Philadelphia Eagles

Jason Babin didn't like the way the Bears tried to block him on Monday night. He didn't realize it, he says, until he watched the tape of the game, but he says Bears tight end Kellen Davis delivered an illegal block and that it appeared to be a coached play. And while it's easy to say that sounds like whining because the Eagles lost, Babin's not really like that, and he delivered this opinion in a very matter-of-fact way, by all accounts. I doubt anything comes of it, but it might be worth watching.

Bleeding Green Nation says "Whatever" to the notion that DeSean Jackson is being held in check by defensive schemes designed to take away the Eagles' big-play potential. It points out the drops, which are a problem, and a big sign that something's just off with Jackson as he continues to hold out hope for that big new contract.

Washington Redskins

The nature of the Redskins' offense right now is flux, and to that end rookie wide receiver Leonard Hankerson is on the rise while Anthony Armstrong's once-bright star is on the wane. Rich Campbell details the reasons why in a story that includes the quote, "I don't think I'm in no dadgum dog house," which is my early nominee for quote of the day.

The players on the Redskins' defense are being asked to do a lot while the offense struggles, but Rick Maese writes that they're embracing the challenge.