Video: Dr. Kaplan on Michael Vick's injury

Appearing on SportsCenter this morning, Dr. Michael Kaplan explained the specific ways in which Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick would be affected and limited if he plays Sunday night against the New York Giants with his broken ribs. Dr. Kaplan says that the Eagles could use some of the measures the Dallas Cowboys used to help get their quarterback, Tony Romo, on the field despite broken ribs earlier this year. But the way I understood what he was saying, the location of Vick's broken ribs is a problem. He says the throwing motion of Vick's left arm would put pressure on his left lower rib fractures and result in "reflex inhibition," which prevents the muscles he uses to throw the ball from working properly.

Yet another reason why it doesn't make sense for the Eagles to let Vick play Sunday night. Vince Young might not know the offense, but at least his throwing muscles are working properly. I mean, as far as we know. The one time we've seen him throw it this year, those muscles fired it right into the hands of Washington Redskins defensive back DeAngelo Hall.