Breakfast links: Missing Giants pass rush

Hey, you know how we do predictions on Fridays? Well, I'm looking at the schedule and it turns out I'm going to have to do at least one of this week's predictions today. Wednesday. Chew on that with your links.

Dallas Cowboys

Todd Archer thinks the Cowboys should put in a waiver claim on recently waived Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton, in part to keep him away from the Bears, with whom they could be competing for a playoff spot, but also for other reasons including depth at the sport's most important position now and into the future.

Tony Romo is 4-0 with 12 touchdowns and two interceptions in his career on Thanksgiving Day games. He missed last year's because of his injury, but he does go in on a roll this year.

New York Giants

I think we're all looking forward to the part of the week when the Giants start looking ahead to the Saints game and stop venting their anger over Sunday's loss to the Eagles. On Tuesday, it was Antrel Rolle's turn to take to the airwaves and talk about how much that loss ticked him off. Just a thought, but if they'd managed to be this angry and annoyed about the Eagles before the game... well, whatever.

The Giants' pass rush says it will be re-focused this week after picking up just five sacks in its past three games. Drew Brees says he's not going to take the Giants' pass rush lightly. The Giants need more of a pass rush than they got Sunday night if they're going to have a chance against Brees on Monday Night.

Philadelphia Eagles

Bob Ford said don't buy the Eagles-are-still-in-the-playoff-hunt narrative, mainly because a team that has shown no propensity to win games when it matters shouldn't be counted on to win five or six of its remaining six. I also kind of like the point Bob raises at the beginning, that the Eagles really weren't playing under pressure Sunday night because the loss to Arizona killed their chances. Anyway, food for thought.

The Patriots say they'll prepare for "all three" Eagles quarterbacks this week and hope that they get some clue later in the week as to which one they'll actually see Sunday. I'm betting it's Vince Young, but I don't know anything more than I did Monday, so stay tuned.

Washington Redskins

So the Tashard Choice Era in Washington didn't last long. The Redskins cut Choice and brought back rookie Evan Royster, leading some to wonder if the only reason they signed Choice in the first place was in case he could tell them secrets about the Cowboys in advance of Sunday's game. Could be.

Don't be surprised if Royster gets into some games. As John Keim discusses in his "five questions," the Redskins need to start finding answers in the run game or else the offense won't work the way it's supposed to. And Ryan Torain as starter and Roy Helu of change-of-pace back aren't making it work right now.