Breakfast links: Andy Reid on the hot seat?

Just two of our four teams played Sunday, as the NFL rolls along through its funky-scheduling part of the season. The result? A whale of a battle for third place in the NFC East between the Eagles and the Redskins. As we've been doing, we present the links in order of the current standings, with the Giants scheduled to play their Week 12 game tonight in New Orleans.

Dallas Cowboys (7-4)

The Landry Hat likes Rob Ryan, but it doesn't think a whole lot of his defense to this point, and it's hoping he has something cool up his sleeve the rest of the way that we haven't yet seen. I don't know. I think the Cowboys' defense has been pretty good for most of this season and that it's biggest problem is health. I think it looks a lot better with Mike Jenkins on the field, and maybe the issue is depth and not scheme. My $0.02.

It appears the cheerleader who got knocked over by Jason Witten in the Thanksgiving Day game has been told to drop her Twitter account. I have nothing, really, to say about this, but it's getting a lot of attention, so I figured I'd at least offer you guys a chance to talk about it.

New York Giants (6-4)

Linebacker Michael Boley didn't make the trip to New Orleans with the team and will miss his second game in a row tonight with his hamstring injury. That means more from Mark Herzlich, who earned praise from defensive coordinator Perry Fewell for his performance last week against the Eagles.

The Giants' pass rush hasn't played up to its own lofty standards in recent weeks, and the players involved said they're determined to do better. Fair enough, but I think this brings up one of the issues with the Giants. When they don't sack the quarterback, their defense is rather ordinary. The fact that the pass rush has gone south a little bit and they're all of a sudden losing games is alarming. Shouldn't other parts of the defense be able to pick that part up?

Philadelphia Eagles (4-7)

Phil Sheridan is asking "What now for Andy Reid?" after the loss that extinguished even the faintest of playoff hopes for the Eagles. Phil asks, "And what could possibly happen over the final five weeks to convince those disgusted, chanting fans that it would be a grand idea to bring Reid back for a 14th season?" I guess my answer is that, given the success Reid had in the first 12 years, I still don't understand how fan dissatisfaction can really be enough to force the firing of Reid unless the organization is convinced they can hire someone who's better, and I don't know who that is.

Hard to imagine, though, even if Reid does survive, that he'll bring back the same coaching staff. The assistants are apparently fighting with each other on the sideline during games. Yeah, getting pretty ugly in Philly,

Washington Redskins (4-7)

The key for the Redskins the rest of the way is finding out what they have for next year and beyond. And to that end, as Jason Reid writes, Roy Helu did a lot to help his own case Sunday as he also helped the Redskins win a game.

Santana Moss only caught four passes in his return from a broken hand, but don't underestimate the impact his return had. The Redskins missed him as a blocker and as a leader even as they missed him as a receiver, and I don't think it's a coincidence that they broke their losing streak in the game in which he returned to action.