A conversation with Romo

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is waiting until Thursday to do his weekly news conference, but he stopped by his locker Wednesday and talked to reporters for a few minutes. He said he's feeling fine after taking a hit during Sunday's game that resulted in 13 stitches on his chin. He's also wearing a bandage on his left middle finger, but he says it's not bothering him.

Romo talked about how he worked hard in the offseason to have "calmer feet" in the pocket. He said it helps him stay patient against blitzes and some of the three-man rushes he faced Sunday against the Browns. In the past, Romo would drift toward the rush as he went through his reads. Now, he's doing a better job of staying in the pocket and buying himself more time. You might not see him take off running as much, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Something tells me Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson didn't spend a whole lot of time focusing on the defensive game plan for the Browns. He'll be sending a variety of blitzes throughout the game, and won't rely on his front four to generate all the pressure. (By the way, I'm supposed to visit with Eagles linebacker Omar Gaither tomorrow. If you have a question for Gaither, leave them for me in the mailbag).

I also visited with Romo about what it means to play on "Monday Night Football." He said a Chiefs-Broncos game in which Joe Montana led a comeback over the John Elway-led Broncos was his favorite MNF moment. Most people assume that Romo idolized Brett Favre growing up, but he insists that Elway was his favorite player.

He did joke that he preferred the "dramatic music" on NBC to the music on ESPN's "Monday Night Football."

"Maybe ESPN will come up with something soon," he said.

Much more to come.