Breakfast links: Cofield on the nose

Getting cold in the East as we arrive at December. What can we expect for this month? A spirited Cowboys-Giants race? A hot finish by the Eagles or Redskins to make things fun or interesting? A daily serving of links? I can only promise the last.

Dallas Cowboys

Gerald Sensabaugh says it's amazing to watch film and see how good Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is at getting open even when double-teamed. Fitzgerald will be the greatest challenge Sunday for a Cowboys defense that needs to shut down Arizona and get a win heading into the first Giants game. There's some talk in that Dallas Morning News story about how having already seen top wideouts Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall will help the Cowboys against Fitzgerald. No mention, though, that those two guys combined for 13 catches for 199 yards and three touchdowns in their games against the Cowboys. So I mention it. So there.

Despite early week optimism that wide receiver Miles Austin would return from his second hamstring injury of the year and play against the Cardinals, Austin missed practice again Wednesday and his status remains in doubt.

New York Giants

Former Giant Michael Strahan stopped by practice and spoke with the Giants' current defensive line, which hasn't been as good at sacking the quarterback lately as it usually is. This is a big deal here in the New York metropolitan area because it recalls a time last season when Strahan gave a pregame pep talk and the defense went out and sacked Jay Cutler nine times in the first half. Should this indeed be a similar situation, it would be well timed, as the Giants have the Packers coming to town this week. The Packers are currently on a 17-game winning streak that began with a 45-17 victory over the Giants last Dec. 26 in Green Bay and includes a Super Bowl victory, so they're pretty hot. Or maybe due for a loss? One or the other.

Dave D'Alessandro says the Giants have been asking too much of Eli Manning and that he can't do it all.

Philadelphia Eagles

Kevin Callahan says the only way things are going to be better for the Eagles in the final five games than they were in the first 11 is if they give running back LeSean McCoy the ball more. Why does it increasingly seem like the only people who don't believe this are the ones making the Eagles' game plans each week?

One of the things Jeff McLane and Jonathan Tamari are watching tonight in Seattle is DeSean Jackson, since whatever he does is going to be making headlines in the coming days, good or bad. We're at the point where Jackson is almost a bigger story than what's going on on the field for the Eagles, since everybody's looking ahead to next year and beyond and wondering what chance remains that he's a part of the team going forward.

Washington Redskins

Barry Cofield was a bit of a surprise signing for the Redskins back in the offseason -- a 4-3 defensive tackle signed to play the nose in Washington's 3-4. But Cofield was game, and has played it fairly well, though he and the team acknowledge that he's still learning it and should expect to eventually be better at it than he is now.

It seems as though safety LaRon Landry's groin injury is worse than the Redskins initially thought it was. Landry missed practice Wednesday, and his injury-plagued season continues.