Reid breaks down the McNabb injury

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

As far as Andy Reid news conferences go, Wednesday's was somewhat compelling. He batted away several questions about his decision to put right tackle Shawn Andrews on injured reserve because of a "sore" back and then he was really specific about Donovan McNabb's broken rib.

Reid said he'd be comfortable inserting McNabb into the starting lineup at the last second based on the quarterback's toughness and intimate knowledge of the offense. Then he talked about McNabb's "sticky" injury situation.

"We had the x-rays," Reid told reporters in Philly. "I mentioned to you that his rib was fractured all the way through. It wasn’t a stress fracture or anything else; this thing was fractured all the way through. And the term the doctors use is that the rib has to get sticky. In other words, when he’s moving that it’s not moving up and down. That’s time and everybody heals a little bit differently than the other person. Donovan is normally a fast healer; we’ll just have to see. Then it becomes a comfort thing -- can he deal with it? Once it gets to that point, there will still be pain, once it’s sticky, it just won’t be back there clinking and rubbing around and then we go from there."

Reid indicated that Kevin Kolb would get all the reps with the first team while McNabb was out and that Jeff Garcia would be his backup. If McNabb's able to play, Garcia would be the emergency quarterback. So what happens once Michael Vick is reinstated? Well, we're not that there yet.