Grossman not sorry for preseason boast

It does not appear as though the Washington Redskins will make good on quarterback Rex Grossman's preseason prediction that they would win the NFC East. But Grossman said on Doug Gottlieb's show on ESPN Radio that he doesn't regret making the prediction and that it wasn't as ridiculous as people made it out to be. From the Washington Post's Dan Steinberg:

"I don't regret it at all," Grossman said. "It's how I felt. I wasn't really making a prediction. I was trying just to get across to the interviewer at the time that I felt good about our team. The origin of the question was talking about the Eagles, and how do you guys feel now that the Eagles are superstars, and I was just trying to get across the point that we feel real good about our team, we're extremely confident.

"And I still am. There's a couple games that very easily we could have, maybe should have won. We're talking about two games against the Cowboys that we probably could have or should have won. We beat the Cowboys twice, which we very easily could have, we're leading the division."

Sure. And if I had stayed out of my kids' Halloween candy, which I very easily could have, my pants wouldn't be so tight.

The Redskins of course have the chance to finish the season strong and mess up some other teams' playoff chances. Unlike the Eagles, if they win the rest of their games, they can still finish with a winning record. So if you wonder, as some fans seem to, how a team that's out of the race this time of year continues to find motivation, Grossman's here to tell you:

"It's extremely fun to go out there and throw touchdown passes and succeed and win and do all that. And the last couple weeks, we've really been playing for each other and playing just to go have fun and enjoy it. And that's our biggest motivation right now. And you know, we've got about a 3, 4, 5 percent chance of getting on a run and something good happening at the end, so we're all just out here trying to enjoy ourselves, put on a show for the fans and win."

Not real complicated, when you get right down to it. It's fun to play well and win. They're all still getting paid. People are paying for their tickets. As long as there are games on the schedule, the Redskins plan to play them and play them hard. And who knows what might happen? Until the math says you're out of it, you're not.