Bell begins to toll for Juan Castillo

Reading throughInsider Adam Schefter's mailbag in case there's something in it about the NFC East, and what do you know? Adam gets a question (from someone else named Adam) asking what moves the Philadelphia Eagles plan to make in the offseason. Adam's mailbag is an Insider feature, and if you don't subscribe to Insider... well, why not? But it's worth letting you know that Adam's answer to Other Adam is that the Eagles need a new defensive coordinator:

First and foremost, Adam, they need to hire a quality defensive coordinator, whether it's someone like Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo or former Browns head coach Eric Mangini. Philadelphia's defensive coordinator, Juan Castillo, is a great coach but not a great defensive coordinator. He never had called a defense -- or an offense -- before this season. Improving the defense will help the offense. And it also wouldn't hurt if Andy Reid went back to drafting some offensive linemen in some of the early rounds. But the one thing to remember about some NFL teams is that sometimes they're not as far off as some think. Philadelphia, to me, is one of those teams.

It does seem fairly clear the Eagles won't be able to bring Castillo back in the same role next year if at all. Forget for a moment the message it would send to the fans; I wonder how they could expect the players to buy into it. For his part, though, Castillo tells the Philadelphia Daily News that he's much more concerned about Sunday's game against the Dolphins than he is about his own job security. And that's of course something everyone in that position says, but whatever he's not, Castillo does strike me as an earnest, hard-working guy who's not going to let up on the effort or the focus just because things haven't worked out for him.