Draft Watch: Redskins would hold No. 5 pick

The Washington Redskins' last-minute loss to the Patriots on Sunday eliminated them from contention for the playoffs, but it did not improve their draft position. According to ESPN Stats & Information, the Redskins still would hold the No. 5 spot in the NFL Draft if the season ended today. The Redskins are 4-9 and hold a tiebreaker over every other 4-9 team but the Panthers. Tiebreakers for draft position are determined by relative strength of schedule -- i.e., the team with the weaker schedule gets the higher pick. So a lot can change there over the final three weeks even if everyone in that top 10 keeps losing.

Picking fifth if the order stays the way it is now, the Redskins likely would have a chance at one of the draft's top quarterbacks. Indianapolis appears set to take Stanford's Andrew Luck with the No. 1 overall pick, but the Vikings, Rams and Panthers, who hold the three picks after that, all have drafted quarterbacks in the first round in the past two seasons and likely wouldn't be picking one that high. Any or all of those teams could trade out of the pick, theoretically allowing someone else to jump over the Redskins and grab a Matt Barkley or Robert Griffin III, but No. 5 wouldn't be a bad spot from which to be operating if the Redskins' draft mission is to find a franchise quarterback. Which it should be.

The Philadelphia Eagles right now would hold the No. 11 pick. They have needs on defense, but in theory the value pick at that spot could be a quarterback or a wide receiver (which could be a need if DeSean Jackson leaves). But right now, it seems the Eagles are more focused on trying to win their last three games and see if they can't get some breaks and still make the playoffs.

The current top 12, according to ESPN Stats & Information:

1. Colts (0-13)

2. Vikings (2-11)

3. Rams (2-10)

4. Panthers (4-9)

5. Redskins (4-9)

6. Browns (4-9)

7. Dolphins (4-9)

8. Jaguars (4-9)

9. Buccaneers (4-9)

10. Chiefs (5-8)

11. Eagles (5-8)

12. Bills (5-8)