Video: Jerry Jones and self-restraint

How does Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones handle a season in which his team can't seem to hold a fourth-quarter lead? Jones sat down with Hannah Storm to discuss that and other topics.

"There's a lot of self-restraint," Jones said in answer to a question about how he handles the disappointing finishes. "There is, just as there is with every fan, anger, frustration. The last four years, we've been the team that has paid the most for players in the NFL, and we want to win. ... Self-restraint is what I'm thinking about when I'm going to meet with the players and the coaches."

Jones reiterated what he said in a radio interview Tuesday about Jason Garrett's job security. He said he can "see the future" and is excited about it with Garrett as the Cowboys' coach. He also said it makes him laugh when people suggest Garrett can't handle the double responsibility of head coach and offensive coordinator.

"His biggest asset is his mental capacity, and his ability to digest information and act on it," Jones said.

This is not the Jerry Jones of old. This Jerry Jones has embraced the wisdom of maintaining stability in coaching positions and, no matter how angry or frustrated he might want to get about the way a game ended, he's determined to exercise that self-restraint because he's decided that's what's best for the Cowboys. Click on the video for the full conversation.