Ripped from the NFC East headlines

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley


  • The highest-paid offensive coordinator in football talks about his fondness for wide receiver Patrick Crayton. By the way, Jerry Jones said on his TV show Saturday that the Cowboys are still in the market for a wide receiver. He thinks he has a surplus at a couple of places (linebacker, defensive line) and wants to find a team willing to part with a receiver. He hasn't hidden his desire to land a player such as Chad Johnson, Roy Williams or Anquan Boldin, but that's not going to happen.

  • The Cowboys have a Choice to make at running back. I think Tashard Choice will be the third back, but the team really likes Alonzo Coleman as a change-of-pace type guy.


  • Philadelphia Daily News columnist John Smallwood doesn't even wait for the first practice to declare the Eagles out of the Super Bowl race. But if you're going to be negative, why not stick with the gimpy quarterback and a questionable group of receivers? Indicating that we've already seen the best of Brian Westbrook at soon-to-be 29 doesn't make a lot of sense. He should have another huge season -- especially if tight end L.J. Smith and rookie wide receiver DeSean Jackson can take some of the pressure off him.

  • Inquirer columnist Ashley Fox says the Eagles need a happy Brian Westbrook in camp. And there's only one way to make that happen. And yes, the quote from the normally guarded Andy Reid on Jason Taylor was pretty surprising.

  • Les Bowen from the Daily News described Reid as "glib" during last night's news conference. I expect that to last until at least today's second practice.

  • Daily News columnist Rich Hofmann has made his annual pilgrimage to Bethlehem. And he's taken a much more hopeful view than Smallwood.


  • And here's what John Branch said about Shockey. John's wondering when I'm going to reimburse him for that bowl of soup in the Green Bay Airport. Just go ahead and expense that meal if you don't mind.


  • Redskins fans will be thrilled to hear that Pat Kirwan of NFL.com once again has them as a top-five depth team.

  • Due to inclement weather, the Redskins had to leave the field this morning. Oh, and Jason Taylor is wearing No. 55 for now. Defensive end Andre Carter wears Taylor's familiar 99. Carter could probably make some serious cash on this deal. As Jason La Canfora points out, Taylor's brother-in-law Zach Thomas is wearing No. 55 for the Cowboys.

  • Noted author and Stanford grad Jason Cole weighs in on the Taylor trade. It was Jason's report in March that prompted Bill Parcells to make the following statement:

"Taylor is going to play for the Dolphins unless he retires. And I tell you what: If we trade Jason Taylor, I'll call you myself to tell you it's happening. But I'm not going to have to do that because it isn't happening. That's how sure I am."