How you feeling? Eagles-Jets

As you get ready for this afternoon's home game against the New York Jets, here's one reason for Philadelphia Eagles fans to feel good and one reason for concern:

Feeling good: The Jets' offensive line is not their strength, and Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is not at his best when under pressure. The Eagles are second in the league in sacks. They should be able to get to Sanchez and rattle him, and if they do that they will have a chance to take advantage of some Jets mistakes. As long as the Eagles limit their own turnovers, they have shown the ability to be in any game they play. Forcing the Jets into a few of their own would give them the opportunity to pull the upset.

Cause for concern: The Jets love this time of year, and they're playing well coming in. They ran the ball for 149 yards last week against the Chiefs, and if they can continue to run the ball effectively and make their offense multi-dimensional, they'll cause problems for an Eagles defense that does live off its ability to pressure the quarterback. The Jets are very good at limiting big plays on defense, so the Eagles will have to make sure and limit them as well. It's not likely to be a shootout, so the Eagles will have to make sure and account for Shonn Greene and the Jets ground game enough to limit the scoring.