Chat Wrap: Coughlin on the hot seat?

We chatted. It was epic, as always. If you missed it, you're beyond my help, but I offer the following highlights if only to taunt you and shame you into coming to next week's chat.

Chris from LA asked whether I thought the Redskins would be willing to trade up in the draft if that's what they had to do to secure one of the top quarterbacks.

Dan Graziano: I do. I think, if the Redskins identified a guy (say, Matt Barkley) as a franchise QB, they would make a move to make sure they could get him. Some of the teams drafting in front of them (Rams, Vikings, etc) took QBs in the first round last year or the year before, so those teams might be looking to trade out. And I've long thought that one of the reasons Mike Shanahan didn't deal picks for a QB last offseason was because he wanted to hold onto them so he could maneuver at or near the top of this year's draft.

Jake from Arkansas asked whether the Cowboys would be wise to rest their starters on Saturday if the Giants win their early game against the Jets, since a Giants' win would guarantee that the Week 17 game between Dallas and New York would decide the division.

DG: Getting this question a lot. There remains an outside chance the Cowboys could still make the playoffs as a 9-7 wild card team if they won this week and lost to the Giants Week 17. So I don't think they're thinking about resting guys.

Dom from NJ asked why I thought Cowboys left tackle Doug Free was playing so much worse this year than he did last year.

DG: Some in Dallas think it says more about Kyle Kosier's impact on the linemen around him. Free doesn't have Kosier next to him this year, as he did last year. They moved Kosier over to RG to help the rookie RT.

Matt from LA thinks the Giants have shown a tendency to "lay an egg" in so-called "easy" games during Tom Coughlin's time as their head coach and wonders if the latest example (Sunday's loss to the Redskins) will cost Coughlin his job.

DG: I really never thought this Giants team was all that good. It doesn't surprise me when they lose. I don't think they gave Coughlin enough to work with this year, and if he takes the fall for it I think that'd be a shame. However, if they do get rid of him, it'll be because of the accumulation of December disappointments, not just this one.

And Chris from Hoboken asked an "agree or disagree" on whether I think the Eagles CAN be one of the best teams in the league on any given Sunday:

DG: Of course they can. They lost their games because of turnovers and those blown fourth-quarter leads. They have underachieved. They have the talent to play with anyone. They just haven't translated it into sustained success. That's about heart, for me.

Thanks as always for all of you who dropped in and asked questions. I'm always sorry I can't get to all of them. More later, of course, as we roll into these exciting final two weeks in the NFC East.