The day in Giants-Jets trash talk

For the past three years, as boisterous Rex Ryan has repeatedly let the world know how good he believes his New York Jets to be, the New York Giants have adopted a team policy of rolling their eyes. They may share a stadium with the Jets, but the Giants tend to take pride in having nothing else in common with their green-and-white rivals. While the Jets have established a loud, loose reputation, the Giants have taken some pride in remaining buttoned-up, even looking down on the braggadocious way the Jets have decided to do business in the Ryan era.

So when Ryan started boasting in advance of Saturday's Jets-Giants game about how he thought his team was better and how he didn't come to town to be anyone's little brother, you kind of figured all the noise would come from Florham Park this week and that the gang in East Rutherford would just offer the usual, boring, "We'll let them talk" types of responses.

Not so, per Ralph Vacchiano:

But as far as the Giants are concerned, this one game won’t determine who owns the town.

"They're going to need a hell of a lot more than this game to make that happen," Jacobs said.

Jacobs, not surprisingly, fired first, taking aim at the chirpy Jets and their blustery head coach. Asked why they talk so much, Jacobs said "I think they're trying to put something in people that may not be there. Sometimes I say things like 'Man, maybe this won't happen, but I'm going to make myself believe it.' He's trying to put something in people's minds that might not really be there."

It's one thing for Jacobs to talk. But it seemed a lot stranger when wide receivers Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz started talking about Darrell Revis, the Jets' star cornerback:

When Hakeem Nicks was asked if he thought Revis was the best cornerback in football, he had a long, dramatic pause, looked away, and then said "He's decent."

He did later call him "great," but insisted their battle would be "even". And it will be a battle, because the Giants have no intention of avoiding Revis just because of his talent and reputation.

"Teams aren’t really scared (of him) anymore," Cruz said. "He’s got to earn his money this year. Teams aren’t really backing down. I feel like we’re going to do the same thing. We’re going to go out. Until he physically stops us we’re going to throw the ball on him."

I don't know. I guess I can give these guys the benefit of the doubt and say this is kind of mild for "trash talk." I wouldn't expect Nicks to say Revis is going to get the better of him, and Cruz's point may well just be that teams are throwing in Revis' direction more this year than they have in the past, which is true. It just feels so un-Giant-like for these guys to be saying anything at all. Usually, they leave it to the Jets, who are doing plenty of the trash talking on their own. Check out this from Jets receiver Santonio Holmes, one of the goats of the Jets' Sunday loss to the Eagles, on the Giants' beleaguered secondary. From Jenny Vrentas:

They’ve given up big plays," he said. "They are poor tackling guys. We know plays can be made over their head, we’ve just got to be willing to take advantage of them and make them count."

Again, it all may be true. But why does everybody insist on making all of this advance noise? Does it really do any good? And just because this is the way the Jets operate, is it wise for the Giants to engage them? I guess we'll find out come Saturday.