Expect Cowboys to play their starters

Oh, we do love to overthink things at this time of the year. With all of the playoff and tiebreaker scenarios swirling around, it's easy to come up with a scenario nobody's thought of before and think it sounds pretty smart. This is what's happened lately with a couple of people emailing and tweeting to ask if the Dallas Cowboys would rest their starters against the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday if the New York Giants have already won their game against the Jets. If the Giants win, the Cowboys can't clinch the NFC East on Saturday and would need to beat the Giants in Week 17 in order to do that.

But Cowboys coach Jason Garrett says no, of course the Cowboys are going to do everything they can to win the game against the Eagles. Which is nice, since they're still charging upwards of $75 for parking, as far as I know. From David Moore of the Dallas Morning News:

"I don't anticipate that factoring into it at all, to be honest with you,'' Garrett said. "We're focused on playing our best game against Philadelphia and we won't really get emotionally involved in that game (Jets-Giants).

"We just need to play our best. That's what we're focused on and we're preparing that way each and every day this week.''

There's also this to think about: There remains an outside chance that the Cowboys could make the playoffs as a wild-card team even if the Giants won Saturday and beat them on Jan. 1. To do that, they'd need some help (the Falcons would, I think, have to lose two games), but they'd definitely have to be 9-7 and not 8-8. So as long as that possibility remains in play, it'd be foolish for them to mail in this weekend's game.

So as usual, the best policy is to not overthink these things and just do whatever you can do to win. Carry on. Nothing to see here.